Story 1

In all kinds of situations, I am judged by my gender. In many encounters, I am primarily WOMAN! For example: In a management team with [...]

Actually, I didn’t know what micro-aggression was and that I was exhibiting it. It is not meant to make people feel attacked. It is important [...]

Even though I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, I was born in the Netherlands. People often make the assumption that I am a [...]

I am regularly asked by friends or family if I already have a boyfriend, even though I don’t just fall for boys. This is also [...]

As a woman, I was required to wear make-up and nail polish at my previous employer. My male colleagues did not have this obligation.  This [...]

When I was on holiday with friends, we mutually ridiculed the waiter for his sexual orientation. We pretended that the waiter liked every boy in [...]

I was walking to the shop in the evening and the street was actually very quiet and dark. There was a group of about five [...]

I was walking outside and I saw two little boys skating. There was an older Moroccan boy standing by and the thought ‘would he harass [...]